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Had a great time last night as we went out to celebrate MILs birthday. It was a relaxed atmosphere with a young and attentive staff. The meal was well prepared and served.

Woke up in the morning to clear skies and bright sunshine. As a consequence a little chilly overnight in the van.

Decided to make the most of the weather and went out into the forest.

The autumn colours are becoming more and more beautiful. Considering the weather we had a serene and tranquil walk with very few people to interact with.

We enjoyed a picnic in the woods before popping over to Eastleigh to see if we could help sort out David's phone. Limited success but we now have a plan.

Tonight we are going out again with my ex wife and the family for a meal in Southampton. Our choices are limited as granddaughter had coeliac disease and there are only a few restaurants that are able to accommodate her dietary needs.

No firm plans for tomorrow other than dentist in the morning for Rae.

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