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Chilly night glorious day.

Very peaceful night in the car park. A clear sky meant that temperatures dropped overnight. No dramas otherwise to report.

Gordon and I set off in searc of toilets. The mist was coming off the river and it remained a little chilly. Unfortunately we are having a few issues with the heating but are hoping that as we have hardly ever used it it may just need a bit of use. So jumpers and hats complete the going to bed ritual.

As the day wore on it became brighter and warmer.

We went off for a circular walk along the Exeter canal and the river Ex.

It was a circular walk of some 8 miles and as we got further away from the city there were less people.

We followed the canal on the way out and the river on the way back.

We then took a walk into town forgetting it was the build up to Christmas and stumbled into the Christmas market by mistake. One we very soon rectified as huge presses of people and dogs really don't mix.

Exeter is a lovely city marred by the chaotic traffic on the way in yesterday and today the place just seems gridlocked all the time.

We've paid another £5 for 24 hours and will remain in our corner of the carpark for at least another night.

Tomorrow we are planning on taking the bikes out either to Exmouth or Dawlish. We will then decide wether to start the journey towards Ilfracombe tomorrow afternoon or Monday.

The above is the start of the Quay the hipster part of Exeter. Bars, cafes and microbreweries aplenty!

Below is the river as it heads out into the countryside.

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