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Coming to life

The weather was forecast as wet and unsettled. So we decided to stay local. This had advantages as it enabled us to complete the setting up of the tent. We have an air fryer which we used successfully today. This has the major advantage of being electric which is free for us. The oven and hob in the van are gas operated so we have to pay for that.

In between the tent setting up and getting the bikes out Gordon and I set off for a walk around the adjacent park.

Gordon very bravely cleared the way of dangerous vermin.

The park is gradually waking up and the first rhododendrons are starting to flower.

The park is famous for these plants and it's promising to be a spectacular display.

We are a few weeks behind the south in regards to the start of spring. Bluebells are just starting to come out.

And the daffodils are still out in force. The trees are starting to green up as well.

So all in all everything is starting to come together. All we need now is a bit of sunshine and everything will be perfect.

Looks like the rain may hold off tomorrow although it's supposed to be cloudy.

No plans yet for tomorrow.

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