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A beautiful day with not a cloud in sight. Rae busted out the sunscreen as we lounged the afternoon away on the sun terrace relaxing and listening to the radio. There was a haze that spread across the city and lasted all day which partially obscured the view of the mountains. There are so many 2 stroke engines hammering around this city that the pollution permeates every aspect of life here.

We headed towards the nouvelle city which is the French part. It's very European with prices to match. It's weird stepping from one world into another its very Alice through the looking glass.

We had gone there to get some sweeteners from Carefour. The contrast is amazing.

From this

To this

From this

To this

We walked back through the almost empty park back into the chaos of the medina. The danger is astounding there's bikes, cars, motorbikes and carts coming at you from all directions despite clear instructions to keep out. You really have to keep your wits about you.

What I find particularly disturbing is that you will see Dad with helmet Mum and 2 children on the same motorcycle with no helmets ! Apparently you get more of a fine for running a goat over than you do a woman 😱

We've booked our desert trip with camels 🐪 leaving on Monday for 3 days. I've been looking forward too this so fingers crossed it works out.

This picture sort of sums up the Morocco of today I think?

We briefly walked around the main tourist square today but will return tomorrow after dark. It's very atmospheric but there are few things really wrong with it. We shall explore tomorrow and confirm or deny the facts.

Nights remain a little chilly but we are coping with the adverse weather conditions 🤩🤩🥵🥶

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