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Birthday party and a walk in the forest

Got up early and sorted out bike surprisingly and thanks to Keith's education managed to change the rear tire. Following the puncture I bought a thicker and more robust tire to cope with the weight at the back.

Took a trip round Eastleigh through the local woods.

I've lived in Eastleigh on and off over the years so it was nice to revisit old haunts.

It was such a nice day we decided to head to the forest for a last walk before we leave tomorrow.

Past little horses.

And piglets

Through ancient woodlands

Frithams a beautiful place and the lake is a hidden jewel.

Came back packed up the van in preparation for the off tomorrow. The weather is set to become wetter tomorrow so packing up is easier when dry.

A great day was followed by a great night out happy birthday Chris with BIL getting in on the act!

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