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Copy of Palaces and pubs

Another beautiful day in Morocco not a cloud in the sky and temperatures reaching 70 degrees C mind the nights remain in single digits. There are only a few things to do here other than shopping The one must do is the royal palace. Needless to say it was ramnded. Every visitor and their guide had the same destination in mind.

Unless you want to shop there's very little else to do in Marrakesh. The palace was ok but not a patch on Seville.

We left the palace and negotiated our way through the alleyways and towards the English pub.

We stopped on the way through in one of the lovely but underused parks. Where we bumped into 2 Canadians we met 2 weeks ago.

They are truly an oasis of calm. We eventually found the pub bearing in mind this is the first one we've found here!

Just a quick stop here and then back to the chaos!

This is a glimpse of the sterilised new town.

We passed through the main tourist square and there they had cobras with there mouths sewn shut and fangs removed so tourists can photograph them. They all starve too death and are replaced. Alongside they have the 'monkey men' with endangered monkey in cages to be photographed by tourists. It's an illegal practice but no one does anything to stop it. The tourist industry continues to encourage this practice!!!

So here we are preparing for the evening ahead. We won't be returning to the square that's for sure.

The alleyways remain a challenge but we think we have identified a place to eat which takes the pressure off.!

I will try to capture a video of the bikes rushing through the lanes and post it on line.

Confirmed our trip into the desert so looking forward too that😎.

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