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Costa del Fyfe

Another beautiful day on the beach started off a little hazy but soon burned off.

It's strange how quickly a community can form. One of the guys left his head lights on all night with a subsequent very flat battery. Everyone chipped into help and got him on his way. We may have an opportunity to volunteer monitoring a coastal carpark which means free parking 24 x 365 . Rae has a contact and will follow this up.

We went back into the woods for Gordon's sake said hello and goodbye to pig and had lunch in the woods cafe.

By the time we returned to the van there was not a cloud in the sky.

Someone decided to brave the North Sea.

Whilst the boys found some shade and relaxed.

We reconvened and left at about 5 to travel the 20 odd miles via Lidls to base.

Showers and setting up before settling down.

Tomorrow is the last day of sunshine before we get some rain.Rae is off to clear a river whilst Gordon and I will go exploring on the bike.

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