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Counting the cost

Frankie Boyle was as one would have expected and not fir everyone. We both enjoyed the show and it was worth the effort. We got back to site around midnight after the drive back from Glasgow.

The mechanic was supposed to be here in the morning but unfortunately they got a call-out which overran. It was initially rescheduled till tomorrow morning.

We decided to make the most of the day and walk up East Lomond hill.

It was perfect walking weather a gentle breeze and a cloudy day.

We got to the summit and the garage called to say that they would attend the vehicle this afternoon. We checked with the site management and they were happy for this to happen.

The views from the top were as always breathtaking.

The last time we were up here there were winds of 40mph+ ,rain and hail.

It's a treat to be here as every time you walk into this wilderness it's different.

Whilst we were admiring the views we had a phone call from the garage to let us know that they had retrieved the wheel and to replace the bearings and refit would be close to £1000. They could only get the parts we needed from Fiat which helps to explain the price. A shock but it could have been much worse both for the van and us.

It looks like the repair will be completed by tomorrow. Which makes life easier as we have tickets for the Eden Festival which starts on Thursday. Gordon is going on a sleepover until Monday.

Tomorrow the weather looks better but we have to be around for when they return to finish off the repairs.

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