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Crochet lessons and not a lot else!

Another dazzling sunset as we sat on the terrace by the swimming pool was the perfect end to a lovely day.

The glorious weather continues unabated. We have to bear in mind the dogs needs as he grows older. He's definitely not coping well with the heat. As such we decided to stay on site to ensure he had enough shade. To be honest my shoulder continues to affect my sleep so I didn't put up much of a fight.

Rae took the opportunity to undergo an introductory session of crochet delivered by fellow camper Andi.

Our Kindles are a great asset to travellers. They negate the necessity of lumping around a case of heavy books. I made good use of mine a Gordon and I danced with shadows.

When she completed her studies we set off for a walk to the Bazaar.

Primarily to buy equipment and supplies for Rae's new hobby. Came away with a bull car sticker oven mits and t towels as well as the wool etc. Big warehouses filled with everything and nothing.

Tomorrow another day of sunshine so beach will be visited at some point!

That believe it or not is the moon rising over the trees behind the van!

We are in the midst of record breaking temperatures for this time of year. I guess global warming has its upside 😏

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