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Cry freedom

Auspicious start to the next 5 months !! We parked the caravan in Willies the rangers car park right next to the deer abattoir 😳. And headed off towards Brora. Unfortunately the recent hand break adjustment appears to have been a little tight. There was a smell of breaks and the van was a little more sluggish than usual. So we had to stop in Dingwall find a garage and get it checked. A minor adjustment and we were ok to carry on. We had to adjust our stay and headed off to a campsite in Dingwall. We had a nice walk past Ross County squad in practice.

Off out on a peninsula with great views towards the north sea.

Crossing a bridge immortalised in my name!

An enjoyable relaxing end to our initial journey north. A view to the future and looking forward to the next step!

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