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Culture Shock.

Woke up this morning as the sun was rising. This early start may have had something to do with the alcohol consumption of yesterday. The reggae music was great and they had some guest singers from Jamaica. We had the company of a Frenchman and a Belgian lady who had come in there vans. It's interesting to hear about how people manage to fund their full time camper van life. He did some small jobs to fund his expenses when required as was taking the ferry to the Canary Islands with his van and enormous ginger tom cat. He is hoping to teach diving out there. She sails hippy remedies at market and some house sitting.

We headed towards Fuengirola where Rae spent many happy times as a child with parents in the flat that her father owned.

The place is heaving with tourists and locals alike. It's been a real culture shock from the relative peace of Cádiz with very few tourists to this. Especially as we had enjoyed 2 days of tranquility in the mountains.

The car park is smack in the middle of town and has hundreds of campers. It's free and there's obviously some long term people living here. I guess it's a cheap lifestyle and would explain why we have not seen homeless people in our travels so far.

The others striking thing about the town is the huge number of Paraqueets. The noise is deafening. Apparently there are over 20,000 of these birds across Spain. They originally were imported as pets from Argentina some escaped and some were abandoned. They have adapted amazingly to the environment and have now become something of a pest.

As a tourist they are nice to see but if you lived with or near them they could become annoying very quickly.

Tomorrow we are setting off for Marbella where we have a campsite. It's ok free camping with the obvious advantage of it being free. But it's nice having the peace of mind and facilities that a campsite affords.

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