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Curates Egg

The forecast today was for high winds and sunshine and heavy showers. As such we decided to head to the local town Braunton by bus. Boy did it rain we had to seek shelter in a pub for coffee as we got off the bus.

The view from the pub window!

It cleared a little so we took a chance and set off for a walk towards the sand dunes supposedly the largest in the UK.

The weather held initially although there was clear evidence of the recent heavy rain.

Initially the walk was in good weather and took us along the estuary past some house boats and ex house boats.

Eventually ending up in a once reclaimed bit of land that the sea has breached and is now a nature reserve.

We were debating wether to continue or head back when the encroaching weather made our minds up.

We retreated as quickly as we could but did not manage to outrun the storm clouds.

All in all like the curates egg the day was good in parts. It was worth risking the weather when the alternative meant being locked in the van. Plus we stocked up on groceries.

On the way we passed this graffiti a little more interesting than the usual tags?

Tomorrow we are planning on doing the coastal path walk from Woolacombe to Ilfracombe as the weather is supposed to be favourable at the moment. It requires a number of buses so hopefully we will get off early to make the most of the day.

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