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Cycle ride beautiful views a mechanical breakdown and a chance encounter!

Set off on a bike ride to the local village. We had been told that there was a back road that took us most of the way thus avoiding the main road. We were later informed that it used to be the main road before they blasted through the cliff edge to make the new one. We had set off early as we had hoped to catch up with the sea otters. We left at the same time Magda started her long car journey south. It was a pleasure having them to stay! No luck with the otters but herons and seals a plenty.

The road was narrow and very steep but afforded us great views!

We then headed down but not before we shared the view with a golden eagle a magnificent sight and we were very close in altitude.

On the way down we got a bird’s eye view of the castle.

Stopped off for coffee and to pick up picnic supplies from the local bakery.

Another view of the castle as we had coffee and looking the other way!

The mountains of Skye in the distance!

We then set off for a ride along Dorney loch an a picnic. As we headed back there was a snapping noise from the back wheel of the bike I should have mentioned that I was pulling the trailer with Gordon inside. It turns out that I had sheared the spindle in the back wheel which rendered the bike inoperable. Rae then had to cycle back to the site pick up the van to return and rescue Gordon and myself.

Rae had remembered seeing a bike repair shop in Glenelg over the other side of the mountains so we set off on a speculative journey of some 20 miles of single track mountain roads.

Avoiding hazardous conditions and local wildlife.

When we eventually got there it was closed and I called a number in the forlorn hope that we could get the bike fixed. No answer so left a message and decided to detour for a bit of otter spotting near the Skye ferry.

No otters but a herd ? Of seals. We ended up in a car park with a small cafe whilst talking to a local who had taken a fancy to Gordon found out that the lady in the cafe was the partner of the cycle repair man. Random. So left the wheel with her and on there recommendation headed off to the local tap room literally in the middle of nowhere!

Great name and bought four beers and a stainless steel recycled pint receptacle!

More great names. A beautiful place and incredibly friendly people. We will return not least to collect my wheel.

One final detour

Another great view of Skye and home. Work tomorrow 🌈😎

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