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Danger wilderness

Rae had her Spanish lesson today and had to drive up the hill to rejoin the civilised world to enable her to Zoom her Spanish teacher in Spain.

Gordon and I had a gentle stroll up the beach.

With the tide being out the rocks an rock pools were a great sight.

A major bonus was that we had it to ourselves

When we all joined up we set off on the 8 miles or so towards St Andrews.

Just before we came across this derelict building there was a sign warning us that we were entering a wild and remote piece of the coastal path

What was surprising was that it took us inland up a beautiful river valley. From there we walked inland.

Before we once again walked alongside the sea coming across these beautiful rock or rather sandstone formations.

Further along there was this stack. The tide was in and that meant we had a choice of either sitting and waiting for it to recede(as advised by signage) or scrabble up and over some imposing rocks. We scrabbled and although a little hairy made it through.

This section of the path was indeed wild but by far the most beautiful and interesting so far. The ups and downs were more extreme than anything else we had experienced up here.

Beautiful flowers ,the colours and smells were special.

This was the first view of St Andrews as we climbed yet another hill.

The journey was accompanied by the sound of Eider ducks cooing a sound that's unique. Never seen them before but the coastline is obviously very popular with them.

We passed the St Andrews cathedral ruins. Apparently you can climb that tower but I politely declined

A brief wander around town famous for its golfing history and university. As you can imagine very genteel.

We caught the bus back not realising that we could have grabbed an Uber as he was parked on the golf course behind us !!

Tomorrow Rae is off volunteering on a beach clean. Gordon and I will have stroll on the beach and do a bit of litter picking as a way of contributing as we have been unable to pay for the privilege of staying here for the last 3 nights.

We will then meet up back at base camp.

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