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Day 2

Good first night until the heavens opened. Then it tipped it down and carried on for the rest of the night. We were caught in the downpour and were drenched.

Today is the first official day of the festival and the campsite is chocker. We ventured out and looked around and caught a few acts .

The showers continued throughout the day. Luckily most of the stages are undercover. The only open one is the main stage. De La Soul were supposed to be headlining but apparently couldn't get the required visas?

Otherwise the Undertones, Libertines and Ocean Colour Scene are amongst the bigger names.

We are well prepared and have fully waterproof apparel so we should be good to go.

Trying to remember that this is a marathon not a sprint!!

Internet remains very slow and overused. Hence the lack of pictures!

Drinks are extortionate £6.50 for a pint !. We are now trying to find ways to smuggle alcohol into the arena!

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