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Day 4 and beginning to feel old

Updated: Jun 12

A great night last night. There's a band called Elvana which is a mash up of Elvis and Nirvana. The lead singer is in full bright red Elvis suit. Now it should not have worked but it was brilliant. Not often do you see a band that makes you smile from beginning to end. We have been imagining the conversation when someone suggested it and how it came about. We guess alcohol and probably drugs assisted the conversation.

Following this was Sister Sledge a very polished and professional performance. All the old hits and the sisters don't appear to have aged.

Then a wonderful reggae performer callled Eve Lazarus completed the line up. A few hours strolling around the venues with us returning home at about 2.30 in the morning.

A very hot and humid day today and discretion being being the better part of valour we remained in the shade reading and recuperating.

We set off back into the festival at about 6 Henge are playing tonight and should be interesting.

We have dismantled and packed up the outside accoutrements in preparation for departure tomorrow. There are yellow warnings of thunderstorms for this evening and it made sense to pack up when it's dry.

We have a two hour our journey back to pick Gordon up and need to be there by 3 as his carer

has a dentist appointment.

Again internet is overwhelmed pictures to follow.

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