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Day 4 still standing just!

Updated: Aug 28

Great night last night saw 4 great bands. Including Amy Winehouse old band with a new lead singer obviously. Very good although a little bitter sweet.

The weather has exceeded expectations and although it was supposed to be raining every day we only got drenched once. The ground has drained well and as a consequence no mud to speak of.

Four day festivals are at times a bit of a slog and I for one am glad that we are heading off tomorrow.

The festival itself had one really good day yesterday. It's not had any real heart to it. There's not been a calm area that you can go and sit for a bit. It's a beautiful setting the toilets have been clean which is always a good thing. The prices for food and drinks have been extortionate. This means one then has to either smuggle drinks in or have a few before leaving the van.

Tomorrow we have until sunset to vacate the site. We will try to get off early morning if we are able. They have shoehorned all the vans in so tightly that you can barely walk between them. God help us if there was a fire it would spread quickly and be devastating.

We are waiting to see the Libertines and will probably get an early night.

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