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Day in Madrid

We tapped into All Trails and found a 8.5 mile city walk which turned into about 10.

This morning looking out of our window there were police blocking the road and large market had been set up. That would explain the banging and crashing overnight!

Initially a little overcast and chilly but the walk took us to the recently built cathedral.

This is adjacent to the royal palace.

With stunning views across Madrid and beyond.

Madrid is a beautiful clean city with surprisingly little tragic huge boulevards and grandiose buildings everywhere.

Right in the middle is a magnificent park with boating lakes Crystal Palace's and acres of green space. The day had greatly improved with warm sunshine and a gentle breeze. Equivalent to a nice spring day back home.

We are both pleasantly surprised and impressed by Madrid a vast improvement on Paris.

Surprises and art around every corner.

it would certainly be no hardship should we have to return.

Tomorrow we set off once more. A six hour coach trip to Seville. During the day setting off at 11..00 . It will be nice to have a daytime trip.

Last night we by pure chance happened upon a vegan restaurant which was a pleasant surprise. Tonight we have found a vegetarian Italian which should be interesting.

It will be nice to spend a bit of time in one place 6 days in Seville is something we are both looking forward too. A major plus is the weather looks like being bright dry and sunny for the entire stay!😎

Oh I nearly forgot we happened across Primark in Madrid it was huge 4 stories high. Security guards with truncheons and handcuffs patrolling.

Certainly different to home!

Parqueets in the park 😎.

One man's meet another's poison. I've just found out that these birds are considered pests. They were originally sold as pets and since 1980 have increased from a few being released by bored pet owners to well over 200,000. Currently there's a great culling occurring 🫣. Oh well we enjoyed them😏.

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