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Day off,dog doctors and Mo

Had to take Gordon to the vets today as we had found another lump As previously stated he had had an operation to remove a cancerous lump before we moved up here. The vet was lovely and held the consultation outside. He took a sample but felt the prognosis was not good. We are hoping for the best but expecting the worst. We have decided if it has returned we will not put him through chemo but make sure he dosen’t suffer. After the vet we headed up the Skye to Portree the biggest town we have visited within a 50 mile radius. It’s a port

In England it would hardly qualify as a village. It was very obviously set up for the tourist trade with a large camper van section of the car park. Almost all the shops were aimed at the tourists who converge on this focal point. We visited before the tourists were unleashed and it was a ghost town. We did however find a charity shop our first in Scotland 😎.

You can get boat trips to see the sea eagles but maybe avoid this one!

Returned to base sorted a few tasks in our accommodation mainly trying to waterproof a leaking habitation pod. it’s been an ongoing issue and is increasingly bloody annoying!

We did some more work on Morvich man.

He’s a work in progress!

Weather was a bit hit an miss today at one point we were driving down the road in Skye with rain on one side and sunshine on the other. The vagaries of the Highland weather will live long in our memories. Working for the next 2 days and then off to Inverness and planning on going out out! Late walk tonight and we observed the mating dance of the Little Dipper. Very sweet!

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