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Day off injections and electrification!

An impromptu day off due to heavy snow overnight! The awning was creaking under the weight of it. Rapid thaw and mostly gone by 11. Snow remains on the surrounding mountains. Off to Kyle with Simon and Rae . I was due my second Pfizer injection and Simon had an appointment at the GP. Rae and Gordon came along for the trip. No waiting for jab me and 2 others in the building. Day remained chilly with sun.

That’s the view from Kyle of the Isle of Sky.

Short walk along the foreshore

Back to the campsite and our first electrified bike ride with Gordon in his trailer attached. Worked like a dream took all the hard work out of the hills cut a little short due to the biting wind!

Hopefully that’s the end of the snow but not the weather. Heavy rain forecast for tomorrow. Luckily no strong winds so far🤞

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