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Deer Leap and more kid duties

Spent last night sleeping at daughters house. Strangely neither of us slept as well as we do in the van. We both complained about it being too hot!! It was a rain free day so we caught up with Pettina a friend for a dog walk a Deer Leap.

It was another great day for a walk and nice to catch up with old friends. This bit between leaving fo Morocco and summer in Scotland has been a chance to catch up with friends and reconnect with grandchildren.

Still very wet underfoot so good waterproof footwear remains essential.

Preparation for the big off are well underway and will be ready in time. Insurance bought and modifications to luggage storage made for Paris.

Tonight out with a couple of friends.

Tomorrow hopefully meeting up with other friends for lunch as the weather gets a lot wetter.

Then in the evening meeting up with family as it's Raes mothers partner's birthday. Looking forward too catching up with them all to celebrate his special day!

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