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Definitely worth the journey.

Rae was setting off to rendezvous with a friend we had met whilst travelling in South America. We met her in the Amazon anaconda hunting. I was debating whether to go as it's a girl thing. Found a walk so decided to tag along.

Really glad I did. Parked in Petworth house and headed off around the massive park.

Great views from the hills

I would love to live in a house like this. It sits up high and is currently occupied.

The park is full of deer I saw at least 4 separate large herds.

It's incredible to think that this used to be someone's garden.

This was one of several large lakes.

The deer are very used to walkers and Gordon was oblivious. As a consequence we could and did sit awhile and just watched. The stags were roaring . The last time we saw so many deer was when we were in Scotland.

Walked back through the grounds past Petworth house which was pretty much closed as they are preparing it for Christmas.

Walked into Petworth which is probably one of the poshest places I've been to. Every other shop was top end antique stores.

Met up with Rae for coffee before we headed home.

Another glorious day with great autumnal colours. It was about an 1.5 hour drive and it is definitely worth the drive if you're at a loose end.

So far we seem to have escaped the worst of storm Debbie.

No plans for tomorrow at this time.

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