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Dental appointments more bridges and another waterfall oh and mountains and Lochs. AKA The Highlands

Off to Inverness for a dental appointment all went smoothly another charming encounter with a local. He used to work for 27 years in the market in Inverness but now works from home. The council have decided to throw off all the traders and turn it into a bar restaurant complex. A sign of the times.

Into Inverness for some shopping and a wee walk!

Bridge into Inverness from above

and below.

This is the start of the Caledonian canal that goes through Loch Ness onto Fort William and out the othet side connecting east and west coasts.

On the way back we stopped off for a walk to these falls

Not those they were the aperitif.

That’s the main course followed by dessert.

They have created a salmon staircase alongside the waterfall that allows the fish to circumnavigate the falls to head upstream to spawn. Not applicable to farm reared cousins 😏.

Gordon found a little ice cream the last bit around!

Back in the van and homeward bound a round trip of 140 miles ish. Rae insisted on driving navigating mountain passes and single track roads.

Weather is improving and last day off tomorrow a bike ride in search of Guinness is planned!

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