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Disturbed night with a happy ending.

We had just managed to get off to sleep when we were awakened by a tumultuous noise and deep vibration . After emerging from a deep sleep a little confused and disoriented we staggered outside to see a helicopter hovering about 200 meters from the caravan. There’s a helipad in the field opposite used by the air ambulance and mountain rescue. Apparently some walkers had not returned when expected . The helicopter was hovering overhead and its engines running for about 40 minutes. All ended well as the walkers were found safe and sound. Apparently the helicopter works out at about 20k an hour😳. Can’t imagine that amount of money being spent on pleasure seekers in trouble in the 3rd world? Conversations were centred on the nights drama throughout the day. Day was varied as it fluctuated from sun the rain. Managed to do a bit of weeding and started to assemble Morvich man a figure that will greet our campers on arrival. Maybe Mo would be a good name for him? It is planned that he will be on the roundabout with a wheelbarrow.

All we need now is a hat and hair😎

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