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Doctors in Rich Town

It was supposed to be sunshine and clouds. We saw plenty of clouds but no sunshine. It seems a little churlish to complain about the weather but actually it was ideal cycling conditions. We had the long ride to Rae's appointment. Approximately 25 miles in total.

The mountains were shrouded in clouds and this was the view from the medical center. No surprises as far as the consultation went. Options are surgery with 6 weeks of no weight bearing following. Or struggle on for a couple of years and hope it rectifies itself. In the meantime no walking,swimming or stretching. So the condition is life limiting. We could have it done here for around 7k which is a lot but still cheaper than the UK. Rae has an appointment with the physio that I've been seeing to get his view. Once we have all the information we will make a decision. In an ideal world tge NHS would be the best option!

Puerto Banus is a horrible place. I've never seen such a high proportion of super cars. It's just dripping with money.

Luckily they have some social housing 😳

On the plus side it was a very nice bike ride and we got to see a bit more of Marbella beach front.

would be so different in the summer.

We both have physio appointments in the morning so will wait and see how that turns out before planning the day.

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