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Dodged the rain on the coast.

We took a chance today and despite rain being very likely decided to walk the first bit of the Fyfe Coastal path. The starting point was West Wemyss and we headed south towards Kirkcaldy

This is part of the coastal path and was a Center for coal mines.

We learned this as we walked a bit of the path with an ex miner who told us that he had started working in the mines when he was 15 years old. He went onto say that they were big communities underground with a very varied landscape. He missed the community but not the long days of darkness.There was evidence of the mines and slag heaps along the entire walk to Dysar with its harbour not surprisingly linked to coal transport.

Had lunch and a coffee in the harbour before making our way back.

A mixture of old and new with oil platforms alongside wind turbines.

A few interesting rock formations on the way.

There are caves along the coast but you have to book a guided tour. Apparently there are some Pictish cave paintings which should be interesting. We will be booking these when they restart in April.

Just as we arrived back at the car the heavens opened. We managed a 10 mile walk without a drop. As the say the sun shines on the righteous 😎.

We will look at a walk and a bus or train trip tomorrow weather depending.

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