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Dodging the rain and a hair wash!

The good news is that the high winds that were forecast for tonight have been down graded to light and inconsequential which means we will hopefully get a good nights sleep. However the rain was supposed to arrive at about noon, did and remain heavy for the rest of the day.

So we decided to get off early and walk around the local area. We descended off the ridge that we are staying on looking for the river Avon.

Apparently there are 5 river Avon in England 3 in Scotland and 1 in Wales. The word Avon is unsurprisingly river in Saxon.

The unmade road was a steep descent and ascent

The river was swollen due to the recent rain, the walk took us along one bank.

Before crossing a bridge and heading back along the opposite bank.

As on the other walks we have taken in Devon a proportion of it was along what they call roads up here. In any other part of the UK they would be considered insufficient as pavements. Bearing in mind I'm trying to drive the van up these whilst negotiating oncoming traffic.

On the plus side you can hear cars coming when walking and there are very few of them.

We returned to the site just as the rain set in. Gordon thought he had got away with it but he was subjected too an ordeal by water. We unceremoniously hosed him with cold water and shampooed him. He has been scratching and biting himself incessantly recently and we are hopeful that this may help.

He has been keeping his distance and giving us the side eye since. But he smells so much better and is silky soft.

The rain has set in and we are taking the opportunity to plan the next stage of journey. At this point we are looking at a couple of nights in Exeter before heading to the north coast of Devon.

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