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Dogging and first adverse reaction oh and a haircut.

We spent the night in Totton close to the family house. Unbeknownst to us the carpark we had chosen was frequented by doggers and single males seeking hook-ups which explained why the car park was so busy when we headed back late last night!! In fairness we weren't disturbed and the night was peaceful and uninterrupted.

Morning stroll went past here Eiling

And onto Goatee beach pictured above. Whilst out Rae had an encounter with an enthusiastic local informing her that it was dangerous to park where we were due to the local traveler community! He then proceeded to insist that we had been parked there for four days despite her assurances that we had been there for less than 1 . Strange that this is the first such encounter and happens less than a mile from home.

Bought a bike today which will solve the transport issues. Electric and foldable and we can both use it. Bought from a pawn shop so half new price .

Had my first haircut in 15 yeas as apparently I had split ends. Still not sure what that means. So next appointment booked for 2027

Appear to be going for the Bill Bailey look 😳.

Afternoon spent with Raes Mum trying to sort out new computer.

We have relocated to the local industrial site as planned and will probably be here for the next couple of nights. Hopefully not to noisy as it's the weekend.

Family party at Pizza Hut tomorrow and hopefully a walk in the forest prior to heading Wales way?

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