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Rae had her physio and I went shopping before we met back at the van. Once we got ourselves roadworthy we set off. First we had to call by the jet wash as the tree debris had made the van look minging. This done we hit the road heading towards Dollar a village in Clakmenashire ( the smallest region in Scotland). Some 30 miles from base.

We found a very quiet spot just on the outskirts of the village.

We set off for a short walk into the village down a very steep road. This should have been a warning sign. On the way we may a man with a baby hedgehog in a plastic tub. Apparently he had too many youngsters in his garden and he was taking them individually and placing them around the village. Choosing quiet roads for obvious reasons.

We saw signs for Dollar Glen and castle and thought why not.

Initially reasonably flat.

The gradient increased as we headed for the castle.

We decided not to go in as the dog was not allowed and the guy on the gate said it was just an empty ruin. Not a great salesman!

Up pass the castle we then came out onto the hills and beautiful they were. We will return tomorrow weather permitting.

Very beautiful and they are the start of the Trussocks and the reason we came out this way.

We then followed the path as it zigzagged down the Glen.

Crossing the river on several occasions.

The one advantage of all this rain is that the rivers and waterfalls are at their glourious best.

The pictures really don't do it justice.

The sound was amazing as we followed it through the Glen echoing off the sheer walls.

These guys had obviously paid to go down the wet way. We gratefully clung to the edges as we took the path. Although precarious at times a lot more comfortable and dry.

Away from the river the sides of the valley were beautiful.

Another view of the castle from above with the view across the plains.

A view the other way towards Stirling.

Looking forward too exploring further and higher tomorrow if possible. It looks like we should be able too get out as although rain is forecast (with lightning) it's not heavy or all day at this point.

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