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Don’t eat olives from the tree!

It was a glorious day with not a cloud in the sky starting off cold but gradually warming up throughout the day. It's a little difficult to get the wardrobe right.

There were several Roman sites to have a look at.

The temple to Dianna was on the list.

As was the Roman theatre. Augustus Ceasar was responsible for the building of most of this stuff.

You can buy a ticket for 16 Euros that gets you into all the sites. We left the dog in the van as he was excluded from most of the stuff. He didn't seem particularly concerned.

The Roman bridge is the longest intact one in the world. I believe it's had some renovations the last being in the 1700s. Now closed to traffic.

We picked the dog up wondered up through the town across the bridge and walked along the opposite bank.

Admiring this imposing statue along the way.

Some interesting new sculptures on the riverside. We then walked back across the new suspension bridge before returning to the van.

I made the mistake of eating an olive from the tree in one of the venues. Oh my god it was one of the most disgusting things I've ever eaten . Apparently thehy have to be treated extensively before they are edible. Months either soaked in salt water or lye. Who knew? Who was the first person to work that out?

Tomorrow is the last leg of the journey south. We are about 4 hours away from Cadiz. Weather is looking pretty good at the moment. We should be set for Christmas on the beach.🤞

A quick look around town before settling down in preparation for tomorrow's journey.

Onward to Cadiz!

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