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Dreich day! especially of weather) dreary; bleak. "a cold, dreich early April day"

Well our short stroll to the pub turned into a rather raucous session with the locals and luckily a lift back to base. Ostensibly our trip to the pub had been in search of Ed. He was the young chap who hails from Cambridge but ventures north and takes on the very convincing persona of a native Highlander. We did not find him as he is yet to return. However we now have his surname Milliband yep that’s right Ed Milliband. 🧐 We have asked to be informed when he puts in an appearance as we are intrigued and wish to delve further into the enigma which is Ed.

The day was dreich indeed so we lounged about as Gordon really didn’t want to face the misery of rain. Come the afternoon we became stir crazy so ventured out. A short familiar walk that circles the site. Some 4 miles and another reminder if needed of the beauty that surrounds us.

Over the bridge

having descended the slightly treacherous path to the river.

The river is in full spate due to recent rain as the water pours off the surrounding mountains.

All within a easy walk from base. We are unlikely to ever live in such a place again.

We return passing an interested onlooker.

We are working the next 2 days before we head off for our last 3 day excursion prior to our extended road trip. The weather is set to improve as we head towards Granton on Spey which is close to Aviemore the ski resort. So we are unlikely to see any snow 🥶

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