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Drought ended

Boy did it rain last night. The rain was so heavy that both of us had a interrupted sleep. We really shouldn't moan as it's been incredibly dry up here pretty much since we arrived. They are talking about a bumper midgy season as the conditions are ideal. The second batch are due at any time. Luckily they prefer the west coast as it's warmer, wetter and more peaty. There's a midge rating map from 0-5 and currently where we were up near sky is 5. Where we are it's a 1. We have decided to leave the journey north until late September at the earliest.

Rae had Spanish in the morning so Gordon and I took advantage of the break in the weather to head out across the local park.

Past the duck pond and then along the river.

There are sensory, dementia and kiddies trails. The park like the rest up here are beautiful and huge.

Just looking as he's not a fan of water other than in his bowl.

The afternoon we cleaned off the tent and the van as they were both covered in tree residues and were looking more and more like they had been abandoned.

We then dodged the heavy showers and spent the late afternoon in the gym followed by a swim. Very excited as tomorrow we are heading to Glasgow to see the Banksy exhibition.

That's the twining gift to Glenrothes obviously not held in great esteem 😳.

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