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Dunfermline better than expected

Rain was forecast and it delivered . We decided to go and have a look a Dunfermline as we had been told it was worth a look. It's only an easy 30 minute drive from where we are. Unfortunately no train connection and at least 4 changes on the bus.

We arrived parked in a multi story carpark and set off for a look around.

That's the council offices !!

We dodged the showers initially as we walked through the town into the park.

Another example of a huge expanse of park in the centre of the town. You can't help but be a little envious of the space they have up here along with the history!

Offering great views across the adjacent countryside.

Bearing in mind we are in the middle of the town with warnings of free range peacocks in the park.

Views across towards Edinburgh and the Forth bridge.

The walk finished at the abbey which is steeped in history. Part of the pilgrimage route to St Andrews here lies the remains of St Margret who had a shit load of children and was married to Malcom and they were King and Queen of Scotland. No wonder she was a saint married to King Malcolm!

Apparently pregnant women used to prey over her bones before they went into labour. Personally I'd prefer an epidural but what ever works 🤷‍♂️

That's the abbey a lot of it is ruins.

But worthy of a quick look inside.

We dropped Gordon back at the car and had a mooch around town. Cobblestones a plenty other than than that ubiquitous shops and not a lot else to mention.

In fairness it was a dreary day the town is worth a look predominantly for its park and historical significance.

We will probably return before we head south.

Tomorrow weather is set to improve but not to the extent we have to be secluding Gordon. Rae has Spanish in the morning so we will attempt a walk after that.

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