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Early Bird and still no waterfalls

A little rain overnight but the morning although foggy was dry. We remain lucky with the weather although next week is starting to look a little dodgy.

Gordon's morning constitutional took us along the river bank with Herons and Egret's as companions.

I think we have managed to sort out the bike and it's due to arrive tomorrow. If this happens then it will give us another string to our bow.

So after numerous phone calls and emails we set off in search of a waterfall.

The drive was about 7 miles and the circular walk was supposed to be 4.5. That turned into neare 8🫣

Arrived at the carpark and found these carvings by a local artist using I guess a chainsaw.

The walk took us up the side of the Wye Valley. On the way out the view was a little obscured by the fog.

A few hours later on the return the fog had lifted and the views as a consequence improved.

The walk took us through woodlands. With accompanying deer.

And heathlands reminiscent of home .

We took a couple of diversions and on the way out completely walked over and by the waterfall.

It was signposted so on the return journey we were a little more diligent.

Unfortunately you need rain to make waterfalls

work. So still looking for our first one on this trip.

There's a four waterfall circular walk on route when we head off from here. So fingers crossed.

The bike is expected tomorrow so we will be confined to base whilst we await delivery.

It's just gone 5 and still sat outside in deck chairs. It's a strange combination of Autumn and spring here abouts which is a little disconcerting at times.

Managed to book a flu jab which is something too look forward too 😳.

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