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Early start and a split day.

Got up early as we were heading off to Little Dean and Gosport respectively. I was going with my daughter grandson and her partner to the little Dean Museum. Rae and I had been recently and grandson wanted to gain some more understanding of the holocaust. I spent my time with him answering any questions he had as best I could and ensuring he was ok. It was not an experience that I wanted to repeat but I'm glad I went with him. It gave us a chance to chat in the 4 hour car journey to and from.

We had a cup of coffe in the local town before we headed back.

Meanwhile Rae and granddaughter headed off ice skating in Gosport. They spent 2 hours staggering around the ice a couple of tumbles and a few bruises but a good time was had.

All safely delivered home and all was left to do was a walk in the forest with Gordon prior to heading back to Eastleigh.

Tomorrow we head back towards Totton for a Halloween party. We have scoped out a couple of potential places to park up.

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