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End of term feeling training signed off and road trip planned!!

A day that promised rain and thunderstorms but turned out to be cloudy but warm and dry. All four of us were on so we completed routine tasks and then signed off our first year training forms in preparation for year 2 when we will be seniors. God help them. We have about 4 weeks left as an open site. We then have 4 days to clear up and ensure the site is winter proofed.

We have finalised our winter arrangements and our winter tour itinerary is as follows.

John O’Groats, Orkney Islands , Shetland Islands, Aberdeen, Southport, Brockenhurst, Wareham, London, New Milton, Bristol, Cheddar, Henley on Thames, Bridgewater and then Brecon for the season. We are circling the family and have scheduled quality time to spend with them all. Which we are so very looking forward too. It will emotionally re charge our batteries. Being never further away than 3 hours from family and friends is such a bonus and is an essential for us from now on!

We will have T Shirts printed🤓.

It will be interesting to see wether living full time in a tin box is a viable option. Theoretically after next season we will be able to apply to run our own site. This would in turn give us more stability but would cut down on variety. The other option we have is to opt for relief management which means we would be pinging around the UK filling in the gaps where needed. That’s all in the future now all we need to do is survive the winter on the road. Luckily with the club we get too stay for free on sites when we are on tour!

The sun fighting it’s way from behind the mountain to brighten our day!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎

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