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Entertaining and first sounds of thunder.

We continue to be under a yellow weather warning for thunder and the possibility of flash floods. Most of the day was dry with a couple of showers. We did get to hear a couple of thunder claps which were very impressive as they verberated around the mountain bowl that we are in. Just as we thought we had got away with the rain the heavens opened and we were subjected to a prolonged and heavy cloud bursts!

I spent the day in the office welcoming 30 new arrivals. The conversation is repetitive as you need to explain to each new arrival how and where to park as well as to explain the campsite logistics. Rae spent some of the day sorting out the party arrangements for our first hosting event. As pictured above. A very successful evening in the good company of Simon and Judith a vegetarian evening par excellence.

The weather gradually improved and we retired to bed in the knowledge that the weather is improving and we are looking forward to 1.5 days off

Not sure what we are planning at the this stage but we will try to incorporate at least one long distance walk if possible!

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