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Episode 2

We caught the first cheap train into Edinburgh for day 2 at the fringe. Train was a little less busy and the journey in was unaventful. We had to make our way as quickly as possible to get across town to the first show loose ends with Clive Anderson and Aneka Rice hosting. 4 top of the bill comedian's and a musician.

An interesting and varied combination of music comedy and interviews.

We headed back out into the chaos.

Walked around for a bit had lunch and booked 2 shows. The first one was an Italian medic turned comedian which was so so. The second is John Robins with another BBC show in between The United Nations of Comedy.

Its been a busy day and we've got to experience more of the Fringe this time.

Late train back tonight and off to pick up the dog tomorrow.

Rain returns tomorrow. Today as been at times almost like Summer!

It will be nice to return to the city when it's all a little less frantic. It is a very beautiful and historic place.

We found these beautiful gardens tucked away down a little alley. These are the hidden gems that you need to have time to find and explore.

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