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Escape to the coast

It was forecast for more sun for the next few days. So after brief deliberation we decided that we would upstakes and head for the coast.

We managed to grab a seafront view. Unfortunately the parking meter was not working so at this point it's costing us nothing!

Gordon not being a fan of the sun had his own facilities constructed by Rae

The beach was largely unoccupied so we had it to ourselves and saw out most of the peak sunshine hours reading and listening to the waves. There was an eastly wind blowing from the sea which helped to manage the temperature.

This is the view from our beach location to our accommodation on the cliff. That's us second from the left.

As we sat and enjoyed the sights and sounds as the tide went out revealing a rocky landscape.

As things started to cool down we decided to walk up across the golf course through the woods to the local pub.

A cold pint was just what the doctor ordered. We then headed back towards the coast to enjoy the cooler evening and looking forward to going to sleep and waking to the sound of the ocean.

We will probably stay another night here as the weather is set fair. We are still trying to balance our needs with those of Gordons. It looks like early morning and early evening are the times he will be able too cope so we will have to find places to chill out during the heat of the day. As they say mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun

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