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Ever decreasing circles

Rinse and repeat. Started where we left off yesterday. Endless phone calls, emails, texts and frustrations. It would appear that there are at least 4 stakeholders involved in these protracted discussions. There's the council, the brokers, the underwriters, insurers, builders and a couple of blind alleys . I had to keep reminding people that neither of us are builders and this is the one and only time that we will build a house. Unfortunately or fortunately we don't have a mortgage which has confused the issue further. By close of play we have inched closer to a solution. We hope. There is only one possible snide that will hold the whole thing up. Funny how £11000 focuses one's attention.

Apart from this we managed to squeeze in a walk with daughter and errant grandson a pub lunch and a visit to my sister in West Meon where Gordon came face to face with his nemesis Higs the cat. There was as always only one winner nope not Gordon.

Tying up the loose ends tomorrow and loading and sorting the van in preparation for leaving on Sunday.

We are both nervously checking the weather for snow. We are thinking that may have to miss our planned diversion via Wales until April when we return for a wedding!😏

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