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Well that explains where all the bird food is going. We've put up a bird feeder and have successfully been feeding the local squirrel population unfortunately not of the red variety.Gordon and I spent the morning wandering around the country park adjacent to the campsite. While Rae continued her Spanish lessons.

It was surprisingly big with rivers running through it.

Some great views of the surrounding countryside over towards the sea.

Gordon is loving life as there are an abundance of squirrels making the most of the spring weather.

He is waiting for the daffodils to come out so his camouflage jacket becomes a little more effective.

We had a pub lunch before going on a cycle trip around the local area. We are gradually getting to grips with where we are and how to get about.

It's good to be back on the bikes again although we have to push through the aches and pains that come when one restarts.

No plans so far for tomorrow. However what we do know now is that we can acces great varied walks direct from our van. Especially helpful if the weather deteriorates.

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