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Falling off the edge!

We got up early with the intention of heading off to John O,Groats which the locals call jog. It was a dismal wet start to the day and as we headed up the coast at times visibility was greatly reduced. As we headed north the landscape changed to a flatter more rolling agricultural terrain,grazing cattle were abundant. We stopped in Wick to go for a walk and an unexpected bonus.

The walk took us through a nature reserve.

Back into town and lunch in the furthest north Weatherspoons!!!

Guinness at 3.20 a pint we’ve been used to paying close to 5.

Off up north after the lunch weather was improving gradually.

The first one is of us on the pier as far north as we could go. Other than being JOG there’s not a lot else going for it.

We then set off to the campsite which was right on the cliffs overlooking a marvellous bay. Dunnetts bay.

There was a very curious red carpet of some vegetation which I could not find an explanation for. The birds seem to like it and the sea was deep purple in colour.

We strolled up the beach and returned inland.

Arriving back on site as the light was disappearing.

Another part of Scotland and we are enjoying the magnificent coastline almost as much as the mountains of our erstwhile home.

Weather appears to be improved for tomorrow. Unfortunately there’s a gin distillery in walking distance and someone close to me has been known to sample a bottle or two!

So we will see wether we accidentally stumble through the doors . We have one full day here before we get the ferry to Orkney very early Tuesday morning!

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