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Farewell and hello

Well as these things do time flew by and it was over almost before it began. The fact that we were close to everyone meant that people could come and go as they pleased. It seemed to be a successful strategy.

We wandered back down to watch the fireworks and they were better than the first time we saw them.

It was a nice way to finish off the holiday.

Got back and collected the van which was ready in time. Not entirely done it has a little bit of work inside to finish off.

The seats have been taken out and we now have bike storage and a shelf. This will make the bikes more secure and make access to our stuff much easier.

Inside the roof has been insulated and the light pelmet fixed and covered. This will greatly reduce the condensation and also make it more light proof.

The sky lights have been removed and resealed so hopefully we will now be fully waterproof.

The back shelf could at a push double up as a bed not for the inflexible or rotund.

Also had the two rear tires replaced. So now all 4 tires are all season which makes them European compliant. Before this I had no idea that there were different types of tires for different types of weather?

Not the cheapest but hopefully the last piece of the jigsaw.

Unfortunately we all appear to have contracted some viral infection affecting the throat. Hopefully not to aggravating.

Tomorrow I have the privilege of escorting youngest grandson to see Southampton Birmingham a noon kickoff.

Rae is getting her eyes checked and will be shopping for me glasses. Weather dependent we may ride our bikes into town for the match.

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