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Feels like home.

Last night was a rude welcome back to van life. There was gale force winds and torrential rain. It also reminded us that we hadn't sealed the roof window as we had intended to do. Luckily the leak has not gotten any worse. A small damp patch resulted but it needs dealing with. The condensation was an expected old friend.

The neighbours were a little rowdy but the first sighting of spring.

The campsite was a little rough around the edges but staff were very friendly and it makes a perfect stopover on the trip north.

I love the last bit of the M6 as it winds it's way into Scotland.

The weather was atrocious and we had to navigate through wind, snow and torrential rain. We took a slight detour via Peebles on a recommendation from Gerald and although the weather restricted the view it was worth the extra time and distance.

It was a strange feeling as we had such a great time when last in Scotland we both felt like we had come home.

The river was in full spate,I believe it's the Tweed?

We traveled in convoy and the weather continued to be challenging.

That's us crossing the fourth bridge.

We arrived at the campsite and the guys in charge were on our course when we worked for the company. Nice to see a friendly face and the campsite is ideally situated near a railway station a town and a Weatherspoons.

This is our home for the next 10 months.

We went out for a look at the local town and despite the weather it seems to have everything we need.

Had a meal in the spoons before dropping the car back at the campsite and heading out to the local village.

Weather set to be wet, windy and snowy for the next few days. Luckily we have light and heat so all will be well.

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