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Fences mended hair cut mountains conquered skulls found waterfalls discovered.

Assisted mending the fence in the morning,we did a bit of painting and put up the second herb planter. All new skills so we’re pleased with the results .

Rae headed off over the mountain for a long awaited haircut. Apparently very nice lady and in a recently converted Bothy.

I took the opportunity to take the newly electrified bikes up the mountains. It was hard work but the gradients were extreme. Not sure I would have made such good time with out a little help.

The view from the top was worth it!

The other side.

The ride down was very scary only had front breaks so mighty relieved to get to the bottom. On the way back took a slight detour and stumbled across the waterfall. Some 10 minutes from the campsite and had no idea it was there. We had traveled 3 hours previously to see ones not as good 🤷‍♀️.

Went for a walk with Rae and found

not one

But 2

And another


We are now on a bit of a mission to find more! It gives an added dimension to the walks!

Tomorrows is the last day of furlough and we are on track to open still on the 26th🤞

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