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We risked the weather as rain was a possibility and drove the 30 minutes or so in the opposite direction from yesterday. Up the coast towards St Andrews. Rae had four a 11 mile circular walk that looked doable and enjoyable.

So after Spanish lessons we set off in good spirits.

Found a convenient parking spot and off we went.

Initially through a pine forest, shade for our four legged friend.

Across the salt marches with hills and yet another links golf course in the background.

This led on to a static caravan park with a lovely secluded bay adjacent. Looks beautiful but very little else in the vicinity.

Some unexpected steep climbs with some great rock formations. Kids were jumping from great heights off the cliffs (supervised and properly kitted out) but not a pastime I would want anything to do with.

On the other side if the cliffs was another bay adjacent to the town of Ely. Beautiful crystal clear water reminiscent of the Mediterranean but unfortunately not as temperate.

We stopped in the town for Mango sorbet before once more following the coastal path past the Lady's bathing tower.

We then lost the footpath and had to gingerly pick our way through the crops trying to minimise any damage.

Once through the field we stumbled across an unexpected loch with a great view across to the village church. It was a great walk and the weather held good. No rain some shady bits and a cool breeze off the sea as we walked along the coast.

Tomorrow is looking like the wettest day for a while. So we may pop to Kilkaldy and visit the gym. The weather looks like it's improving from then

The Scottish schools break up for Summer Holidays today. It will be interesting to see what impact that has on our site ( which remains very quiet) and the local area.

We are looking at heading upwards towards Aberdeen in the near future. Apparently there's a bay that's teeming with bottle nosed dolphins. A bonus is that there's plenty of free parking and toilets. So that's a proper win!

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