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Fields rivers and sea

Rae had Spanish this morning followed by a meeting regarding her voluntary opportunities with the Fyfe Countryside Commission. So I took the opportunity to walk a bit of the Fyfe Pilgrims way. This is a long distance footpath 64 miles in length stretching from the East to West Coast of the Kingdom of Fyfe. Ending at St Andrews were the bones of the disciple Andrew were supposedly held.

It runs conveniently close to base and was a flat path across farmland.

With the occasional detour through copses.

We met up after Raes successfull lesson and interview. She will now be emailed weekly with options to attend anything from litter picking to fence erecting at a time and place that suits.

We found a walk up alongside a river.

With a pungent smell of garlic due to the sea of wild garlic that accompanied us through out the walk.

Apparently every part of the plant can be used for cooking and is milder than usual garlic. The smell was intense especially if you rubbed the leaves. This so we are told is a very good start to foraging.

Ascending steep steps and a bridge that was over 300 years old made for an unexpectedly good walk.

We the headed back towards Kilkaldy( The home of Raith Rovers more later)as we needed to get some swimming googles as Rae is determined that we should start swimming again.

After the shopping including the obligatory charity shop trawl we gave Gordon a little spin along the beach.

It was a windy walk and we were accompanied by a wind surfer who performed some amazing stunts.

He was going for a good 40 minutes with out a break and incredibly not falling off once. It's really impressive when someone has mastered a skill to that level.

Tomorrow rain all day so to avoid getting wet we're going swimming?! Some logic somewhere.

We are debating whether to go to watch Raith Rovers tomorrow night the last game of the season. For no other reason than we've not been to Scottish football match before. It's not far from us and not too expensive £20 each but forecast is heavy rain so we shall see.

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