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First home day

The wind and rain blew off the ocean and the wooden shutters banged and slapped against the windows. This was a rude awakening and the first day since we've been away that the weather prevented us getting out and about.

Luckily we had gone out last night and got back later than expected.

So it gave us a chance to nurse ourselves back to full fighting fitness.

Rae had an appointment at 14.00 at the Hamman bath house and massage. A very successful appointment and now scrubbed clean and suitably relaxed

I walked down with her and then went for a walk along the harbour.

It's a thriving and very busy fishing port. They have a fresh fish market which apparently is the best in Morocco not a favourite for a confirmed vegetarian.

The size and variety of fishing boats packed into the harbour was a surprise.

I suppose the fishing fleet's would have been similar in the UK in the past.

It afforded a great reverse view across the bay to where are apartment is.

The weather gradually improved and we even saw a slice of blue sky at one point.

Tomorrow we set off for a 3 hour or so journey up into the anti atlas for a 3 day stay in paradise valley. The weather is set to gradually improve today being the worst. We are expecting temperatures in the low 80s and a return to the unrelenting sun.

Just as I was writing this we heard a commotion and looked out the window and there was a demonstration. Apparently teachers have no been arrested and jailed for protesting against working conditions. Police have brutalised those protesters. Today it all seemed to be peaceful although there was a large police presence.

We had one last sunset on the beach. We have really enjoyed our time here and will miss it .

No where near as impressive as the first night but it would be hard to beat anywhere.

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