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Five star accommodation!

We arrived last night and showered emptied toilet and slept soundly. The campsite is on the outskirts of Bognor a little noisy as situated by a busy junction. However the shower was superb, 5 days of lay/by hygiene long walks and morning alfresco toilet powered by shovel meant it was heaven sent and pure unadulterated luxury. We will enjoy this little bit if heaven for a couple of days more before we set off again.

Today Rae had her friend Liz who we met in South

America visit

and so Gordon and I set of to explore.

A beautiful day in parts but when the sun went in it was a little chilly. As beautiful as the beach was we had to head inland as the stones weren't compatible to someone's delcicate paws.

We headed through a gated community which was as ghastly as it sounds and can have its drawbacks if you're in trouble.

We emerged the other side into a beautiful and unexpected nature reserve at Pagham. A salt water lagoon home to many sea birds sheltering from the storms apparently.

The view out to sea was beautiful and the clouds parted. I was initially a little concerned about the man on the spit but it turned out he was fishing.

We then turned inland across the lagoon.

Admiring the views.

As we crossed the wins picked up leaving Gordon hanging on for dear life.😎z

We are managing to hit our target of 20,000 steps a day which is encouraging but may become more difficult to achieve as the weather changes and the days shorten.

Returned to pick up Liz and Rae and said our good byes before heading of shopping.

It was great to see Liz again and they both enjoyed the time they had together.

It is nice to have a little respite but these sites are a little sterile. We are aiming for a balance

probably 5 off 2 on? This enables us to wash us and clothes,empty toilets, re charge batteries both our internal ones and the vans.

Not sure of plans for the next day or so but we may try to have a rest day as probably good for mind and body.😊

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So lovely to see you two too!! I'm glad we managed to get in a visit while you're over this way (& Rae, I'll message you when I'm planning to be in Prague 😋😂). Much love and peace to you both

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