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Flushing toilets

We survived the 4 days. The last band last night was the libertines over an hour late no explanation no apology so as we had stood around getting cold we hightailed it back to the van.

We had until sunset to get off the festival site so it meant we had an easy getaway as most people were not out and about when we left.

A clear and easy run up from Cumbria into Scotland with motorway most of the way.

First stop was to pick up the dog before returning to the campsite. He was beside himself with excitement and couldn't wait to get out. He is not a dog lover and much prefers the company of quiet humans.

Returned to flushing toilets, showers and washing machines. It's funny how the little luxuries in life are missed. In fairness the festival toilets were well

maintained, cleaned and well stocked with tissues. Probably the highlight. You can for a little extra money pay for posh flushing loos and showers but it seems a little counterintuitive when you're at a festival.

Some random photos from the festival. Wi-Fi was mostly unresponsive.

Tomorrow we return to reality and hopefully get a decent walk in. My foot seems to be much better still a little stiff but survived the festival.

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